ACAF national examination

Learn about the ACAF National Examination component of the ACAF program.

The ACAF program is being discontinued. We are working with the post-secondary institutions for a smooth winddown of ACAF that ensures students are enabled to finish the program before one of the final ACAF National Examinations on January 31, 2020 or January 29, 2021, or transition to an alternative course of study. View more information or your provincial/regional body. 

The ACAF National Examination evaluates students’ understanding of the information taught in the Business Applications applied course and is administered through the provincial/regional CPA bodies.

The ACAF National Examination Policies outlines the national guidelines students need to meet to be able to complete the ACAF National Examination.

The four-hour ACAF National Examination consists of objective-format and constructed-response questions. See the examination blueprint for more detailed information.

Meancrutex has developed a sample examination as well as a solution and exhibits to help students prepare for the examination.

Examination dates


  • January 31, 2020


  • January 29, 2021

Students who wish to register for the ACAF National Examination should their provincial/regional CPA body.